Designing & delivering successful training programs - Train the Trainer

Did you ever feel that you had some knowledge that you wanted to share in a formal way, either as part of your job or independently, but you didn't do it because you were not confident that you had the skills on how to develop a course, and deliver it in an engaging, exciting, and effective way?

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Our learner-focused, interactive and practical Train the Trainer course will provide you with the basic skills, tools, strategies, knowledge, confidence, and best practices on how to become an effective and engaging trainer who delivers powerful presentations.

Train the Trainers course main learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the professional foundations of the training field
  • Conduct needs analysis to identify performance gaps
  • Develop training courses based on sound learning principles and strategies
  • Design training activities aligned with specific learning objectives
  • Deliver, manage and evaluate training courses

Who should attend this course?

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in enhancing and improving their skills and knowledge in designing, delivering, managing and evaluating training courses. It is suitable for trainers, managers, supervisors, principals, human resources staff, academic staff and any other professionals who are responsible for training others in their organization.

Why should YOU attend this course?

Our Train the Trainer highly engaging course will help you understand and apply the professional foundations of the training field through a series of hands-on activities, in order to:

  • Understand how people learn so as to design and deliver effective and interesting training programmes
  • Enhance your confidence and presentation skills as you interact with your trainees
  • Understand your trainees’ needs and define learning outcomes
  • Employ modern methodologies for delivering training programmes with ICT integration
  • Manage, monitor and evaluate your training programmes
  • Provide effective feedback during your training sessions
  • Anticipate and handle challenges and difficult situations

Course Delivery and Units

Our Train the Trainer course incorporates a blend of training methods and techniques, such as experiential learning, team work, debates, critical case study analysis, non-directional coaching, consultation, and evaluation methods, to create a deep learning experience for all participants. By applying the learning styles theory to our course, engaging activities and instructional material, we ensure that all learners are reached, and that we not only transfer knowledge and ideas, but also encourage the sharing of real-life experiences amongst attendees. More specifically, our methods involve a combination of discussions, role-playing, case studies, collaborative learning, problem solving situations, as well as synchronous and asynchronous communication using both face-to-face and online technologies. The course is structured in units and sessions with descriptive texts, enriched with real-life challenging examples and case studies to intrigue learners.

The course consists of the following Units:

Unit 1

  • Foundations of training
  • Characteristics of exceptional trainers
  • Using the course’s online learning environment

Unit 2

  • How people learn
  • Basics of Instructional Design models

Unit 3

  • Conducting Training Analysis
  • Defining learning outcomes

Unit 4

  • Design & Development: Selection of Instructional Strategies
  • Integrating ICT in Training Activities

Unit 5

  • Online Learning and ICT Integration

Unit 6

  • Principles of design
  • Selecting Instructional Material and Visual Aids

Unit 7

  • Implementation: Delivering and Managing Training Programs

Unit 8

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Feedback

Unit 9

  • Challenges and Pitfalls
  • Training program examples and discussion

Unit 10

  • Putting all the pieces together
  • Building your own training program

How to apply

Use the link on top of this page to apply. Once you apply, we will contact you by email and/or phone with all the information you need to enrol to our course.


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1 Foundations of training 26/06/2017
2Design and development of training programs27/06/2017
3 Instructional strategies and ICT integration 28/06/2017
4 Delivering, managing and evaluating training programs 29/06/2017
5 Building your own training program 30/06/2017