€ 95

Time Management

Managing effectively your personal or professional time is essential to higher productivity, better efficiency, and less stress that leads to a better quality of life. During the current financial crisis, these qualities have become even more necessary. This course will teach each participant how to organize time, tasks, deliverable, and outcomes by taking into consideration time availability, resources, priorities, issues not under your control, and unexpected distractions. Participants will be able to shift from a crisis management approach to a prioritized workload management. We will share strategies, tools, and best practices that can help improve your planning capacity and help you breath easier.

Time management training is a method of prioritising so that you are doing more productive work per hour: i.e. you stop allowing your own bad habits, or other people or poor systems to waste your time.

Remember over the long stretch, people who are operating in a systematic, organised and planned way: are far more productive than an equally intelligent person who is operating in an UN-systematic, DIS-organised and chaotic way.