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With a big push around the globe towards (a) leveraging high-quality research for the benefit of society and (b) exiting from the economic crisis, this series brings together global expertise in designing, executing, analyzing and reporting responsible research. Social relevance and potential impact are key challenges faced in all sectors and fields of study. How do you identify responsible research questions? How do you map research questions to data collection and data analysis methods? What are the sources for potential funding for your research and how you pursue them? How do you manage your research in ways that will lead to timely results? How do you analyze collected data? These and many more are some of the key issues addressed by this series of education events.


This Open Education Series is conducted by the international Research Center CARDET and the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences, Yale School of Public Health.


If you are junior or senior researcher who is interested in exploring new ways for designing and funding your research, this series is for you. Managers, academics, and researchers employed in public and private sectors, responsible for managing and executing research, are welcome to this first series of its kind to be offered in Cyprus by CARDET and Yale Center of Analytical Sciences. Doctoral students are encouraged to attend.


Participants who successfully engage with this Education Series will be able to:
  • Discuss the complex nature of responsible research design and execution
  • Design research that is responsible and has impact potential
  • Understand basic concepts of data analysis and interpretation
  • Identify funding sources for specific research projects
  • Develop a research project plan
  • Identify project risks and define strategy to address them


Tassos Constantinos Kyriakides, Ph.D. - Yale University

Dr. Kyriakides has worked as a biostatistician/epidemiologist on medical research projects (clinical trials and observational studies) for the past 15 years. Dr. Kyriakides is an Associate Research Scientist at the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences, Yale School of Public Health and in the Department of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases (AIDS program). He is a Senior Biostatistician in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center, where he designs, coordinates and analyzes long-term clinical trials. His expertise is in infectious diseases and more specifically HIV/AIDS. He has served as statistical consultant/analyst on numerous studies in infectious diseases and has served on US and Canadian clinical trials evaluation committees as well as numerous Protocol Review and Data Monitoring Committees. He also serves as a consulting biostatistician/research design methodologist/lecturer in a number of Hospital Departments where he supports clinical research undertaken by attending clinicians, residents and fellows. He is Statistical Peer Reviewer for Lancet Infectious Diseases and has served as Abstract Mentor for a number of International AIDS Society Meetings.

Charalambos Vrasidas, Ph.D. – CARDET, University of Nicosia

Dr. Vrasidas is co-founder and Executive Director of CARDET, an international non-profit research and development centre based in Cyprus with partners around the world. He is also Associate Professor of Learning Innovation at the University of Nicosia. He serves on the Executive Committee of the International Council for Educational Media and he is Editor-in-Chief for the scholarly journal Educational Media International. He has published 7 books and more than 100 articles in journals, edited volumes and conference proceedings. He participated and/or coordinated in more than 100 funded projects in more than 30 countries.




1 Introduction & Clinical Trials 29/09/2014
2Making Sense of Quantitative Data: An Introduction19/11/2014
3 Preparing a Successful Erasmus+ Proposal 06/03/2015
4 Experimental Research Design 16/04/2015
5 Reporting and Publishing your Research 29/09/2015